Foundation of the Network Interdisciplinary Life Sciences NILS

Foundation of the Network Interdisciplinary Life Sciences NILS as an internet platform

The German Society for Energy and Information Medicine DGEIM (energy medicine) and the Cybertronica research UG found the Network Interdisciplinary Life Sciences NILS.

The network is an independent network, which is organizationally created under the umbrella of DGEIM and integrated into its website. Bilinguality (german/english) facilitates communication with non-german speaking partners. The management of the network is the responsibility of Privatdozent Dr. med.habil. Hendrik Treugut (responsible for the field of medicine, life sciences and consciousness) as well as Dr.rer.nat. Serge Kernbach (responsible for the field of science, technology, communication, IT, contacts). The founding group will invite further research groups or individuals to collaborate.

The flow of information from medical research shows very different courses. Most of the results come from recognized research institutes (mainly universities), correspond to the current scientific paradigm and are easily accessible through numerous medical congresses, journals or central databases. On the other hand, research results that are only partly or not compatible with this paradigm are published per se in a much rarer way and in a wide variety of widely distributed publication formats. This difficult accessibility hinders their knowledge, access and thus the use in medicine.

Furthermore, we all know that many medically relevant observations, discoveries, informations, etc. from non-medical scientific disciplines never reach the medical public and valuable knowledge is thus lost. The sources of this knowledge are widely scattered: mainly physical and chemical research, but increasingly also electronic developments, side effects of technical devices, observations of natural phenomena, etc., all the way to ancient traditions. Equally variable is the quality of this information, which usually appears only as a side note. They can be found in high-quality scientific publications, in the many procedures of conferences that are not covered by the literature search, in non-listed magazines or as so-called anecdotal single observations. Accordingly, they usually do not meet the gold standard of scientific publications and potential writers shy away from the risk of being labeled as unscientific.

We now want to create an information pool with the foundation of our network, both for non-mainstreamed results of medical research as well as for medical relevant observations („by-catch“) from other, not primarily medically focused scientific fields.
This interdisciplinary knowledge is to be collected, saved and passed on (for example to DGEIM special congresses). Possibly in cooperation with the respective researchers, the steps are to be initiated that can lead to their use in a broad holistic medicine. Privacy, copyright and confidentiality are strictly observed.

The tasks of the network partners are based on their possibilities. We ask medical research institutes to place on the platform manuscripts (already published or unpublished), which could be important or interesting for a medical use, for the so-called life sciences including consciousness research. This also applies to information that is not paradigmatic from the outset. We also ask research groups from non-medical disciplines or individuals for such information (see above). Also helpful for us are pertinent links or referring to forwarding events. It is important to note that any legitimate information, even from non-network partners or individuals, regardless of the quality of the scientific work-up, the number of cases or the source, is also carefully processed by the network, with the contributions and informations separately classified according to their scientific coverage and presented in 


Founding an information pool for interdisciplinary gained knowledge in medicine, life sciences and consciousness research we collect on our IT-platform

  1. paradigmatically non accepted outcome from conventional research (e.g. manuscripts, publications, presentations)
  2. corresponding observations from non-medical research
  3. any kind of pertinent informations

More coming soon ..